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I'm from Sweden, love art, asian drama and sports. Hopefully one day I will have time to learn more about photography, which is just a hobby for me right now.

Love early silent mornings before the world have woke up, think silence is underrated in todays society! I'm odd enough to actually like rain, since I always found it to be peaceful. :wormnomnom:

I belive everything can be pretty, just depends on how you decide to see it. I love photography cause it's a way to look back on things, how it was back then, how I saw it. And it's a way to share how I, the photographer saw it through my eyes. A beautiful photo to me does not necessarily mean it been taken with a pro camera, by an expert and been edited in photoshop. To me a beautiful photo can be simple, taken with a spontaneous gut feeling. :ashamed:

Oh and I should add, I usually don't add stuff to my favourites. Cause honestly, there is soooo many good photos/paintings here on DA, hard to only select a few! If I add you to my watch, thats my way to say I like your photos/paintings. :typerhappy:


Storia di un grande amore <3 Forza Juve!!… <3
I'm not sure how I should feel, the leaves have started to turn yellow and the warm summer air is gone. Replaced by a cold biting air which smacks into my face everytime I go out. I will miss those warm summer nights, how the blue sky refused to fold back even after midnight. I mean, the feeling of walking home 2 AM with a blue sky above your head, it feels weird but yet lovely. The sky looks so pure somehow. I will miss waking up with the smell of wet grass after a night of rain, and birds singing in the nearby trees. I will miss the sound of bumblebees, while I sit in the shadow hiding from the sun. I can go on like this forever, so much I will miss. But on the other hand, autumn can be beautiful. At least as long the leafs stays in the trees. I hate the time between when all leafs are gone, but yet too early to snow. Without snow it just feels like living in a picth black hole. Because it changes fast from daylight 24/7, to only a few hours daylight at winter. (At Winter solstice in December the sun is only up around 3 hours)

So what can I say about this summer? The begining was horrible, really really horrible. Whole June and first week of July was the worst summer I ever experienced. If it was one day with 15ºC/59ºF it was like "Oh wow, it's unsually warm today". Luckily the World Cup in Brazil saved my days (saw all games I possible could! :D). And then... BAAAM it became the warmest summer I ever experienced until second week in August. I say normally a warm summer day should be around 22ºC/71ºF where I live and around 4-5 degrees colder during the night. This second half of summer... close to 30ºC/86ºF almost every day and 22ºC/71ºF at night... Honestly a bit too warm to me, especially since I love to play football with my friends when it's summer.

But also I traveled a lot this summer, I tried to make a map of the main roads I took. Also took some smaller roads, but they're kinda hard to find on the map. 

 photo 3_zps01de5281.png

 photo 4_zpsad6867df.png

 photo 2_zps219afd40.png

So in the end I think it was a pretty good summer. So now the second part, I'm moving this Saturday (30 Aug.). Back to my old home town Piteå, which I been visiting a lot this summer. Won't have internet the first time there and don't know when I will get it, so I will most likely not be able to reply in a while. And one last thing. Since people asked me about the photos from my trip last year, I might as well show on map while I'm at it.

 photo 8_zpsaf535490.png
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  • Watching: Chuno/추노
  • Playing: Xbox 360, Fifa 14 duh!
  • Eating: Bread...
  • Drinking: Water!

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